The year is 2025 and for the last 350 years the majority of the world has been ruled by vampires.

After lord Dracula awoke from his slumber he slowly began to retake his Empire starting in Russia slowly expanding through out all of Asia, the middle east down to Australia. All of Europe with the exception of Italy, the British Ilse, France, Spain and Portugal. Next to fall was the Americas. The American Revolution was a cover up in the history books of the free world. In reality it was a Vampiric take over and for the better. Natives soon found them selves getting fair deals for land bought and often sold to private contractors rather then to the empires. Central America has been a no- mans- land for centuries with South America under the rule of the Church.

In comparison life is not all that bad, humans or Terrans as Vampire nobles will say are no longer treated like cattle. The last 25 years or so humans have been allowed to live as citizens in the Empire, humans are allowed to carry life on as normal beings and thanks to new technology are no longer needed as a food source. Although there are the few vampires that stray from the path of good citizenship, such as there once was rapists and murderers. Those who do are brought to justice quickly. Peace treaties have been signed between the Church and the empire after 290 years of wars and uneasy peace agreements that came and gone with the seasons.

You were a group of elite humans trained by vampires to hunt vampires that did break the laws of The Emperor. This unit was created 100 years ago when the Lord of the Empire figured terrrans are expendable and ever present. Plus slaves don’t cost money. just food and water. All was well for you and your department until about 30 years the HQ was sacked and all humans arrested for planning to commit treason, plans to assassinate Lord Dracula. All were locked up about 30 years ago, 25 years ago rumors had been life was improving for humans, 10 years ago there were rumors of Dracula falling ill by unknown forces, and that his daughter has taken her spot on the Throne. Locked up in this hell hole for 30 years. That ends to day . . .

Throne of Roses

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