Gino, Romain



I am Gino,Romain an Ex-military solider who left one shit hole life for another. Neither I wish to think about and dare not speak of it either but one day I got a call that changed my life for what i thought was better. Years past by and I now was working for the CIA and I once again was doing the only job I was made to do but the only thing that changed for me was the name they called it “Hit man” I no longer on the or bad side. I was the man nobody knew but everybody feared me. Which for me was not going to be the first thing I will be thinking about when filling out a resume if I was able to have a normal life again. eventually I was able to get MI-6 to be part of a coalition with the CIA and other dept. but after that was said and done i was transferred to the Chicago SWAT Force. unfortunately i was put on there biggest case of my life that lasted 6 years but those last two weeks i will never forget as long as i live. we had gotten the break there was a big deal going down and we were going in to raid it. I remember that night we suited up the excitement was so high everyone was in there place and ready to go. even the new guy named fresh from the swat academy was in high spirits. The green light was given and we busted down those doors like kids at a candy store but the second I stepped into the room I felt there was something very wrong. There was not a handbook for what we were about to feel not a chance in hell that we were going to get out alive. after those first couple burst of shots rang out there was no turning back. When we shot these guys they would just stand back up, and change…. it was strange like something out of a Hollywood movie.

The next thing I know I’m flying in the air with my chest half opened and gushing blood everywhere. I pass out thinking I already dead and as i look over the rest of my team is being torn to pieces and then looking up to one of them standing over me speaking in a language I did not know, but this one looked different, wasn’t hairy like the others and more guys like this one kept coming in wearing all black. Then… darkness.

I woke up in a plane of some sort, i only knew from the clouds and the sound of the engine, there was a team of docs operating on my chest wounds, I tried to talk but nothing came out. They must have drugged me with a heavy dose . . . blackness took me again. When I woke again I felt like a 15 ton truck ran me over and I was behind bars. Next I know I got some fucking dude in uniform asking me questions in what sounded like Russian

Gino, Romain

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