Throne of Roses

Guests of Honor

You awake in lying in a a bed fit for a king. Enough room for 10 of you, on top of that you notice the sheets are made of silk along with the pillow cases. On the table next too you their is a gold bell with by the look and feel a hard wood handle, perhaps oak or maple you think. Next to the bell you see a piece of parchment simply stating “Please Ring”. You set the note down and take a look around the room. There is a great portrait of a landscape late summer early fall with the sun setting or rising, hard to tell. When you climb out of bed you remember how much you missed carpets. The area rug looks like it came from Iraq your guessing by the look of the design. You walk over to the window and pull curtains, that is when you feel the ecstasy of the warm sun on your face. It is the first time in over 30 years since you have been able to see the light of day, after taking a few moments to soak it all in you walk back over to the bed side and gently ring the bell. Six maids enter the chamber, from their sent you can tell they are vampire. “My apologies!” you exclaim as you rush to the window. The taller one replies

“No need my Lord” [Odd that she called me lord] The particles in the air allow us to walk in the sunlight as long as we stay within the city. A great many things as changed over the years sir, but im sure her Highness will explain everything in due time"

“You do realize that I am human, yes? So why do you refer to me as lord and sir?”
“As i said sir a great deal as changed over the years sir. Now we must get you dressed for your dinner tonight.”

Before you can open your mouth to protest all six maids are tending to you, starting first with a good shave. Next you find your self herded into a shower while they wait, you can hear more movement in the main room. When you emerge from the bathroom [you notice was ivory, pearl, marble, and gold] The maids are waiting promptly with a by the looks of it late 1800s maybe early 1900s entire for you. All custom tailored to fit you.

As you journey down the halls of the Castle or Mansion what ever it maybe you can help but stop and stare at the pieces of art work; paintings, statues, photographs, and so much more. You reach a great double oak door inside lies the dinning hall where you hope to finally meet your ….. savior? Sitting above the great fire place you see a large painting of a Teutonic Knight by the looks of things its several centuries old. To your right facing the table there is a portrait of the Lord Dracula in his grand outfit. Below the legendary Sword that he used to conquer his Empire. AS you look on the table your mouth eaters as the sight of fine cuisine peeks your appetite, seeing that you haven’t a true meal in great many year. At the end of the table sits The same Noble that you saw from your cell, you kneel down to one leg
“Forgive me my lady I didnt….”
“Do not worry, formalities are not needed in my house” – Her voice floats across the room to your ears
That is when it hits you like a brick wall… She is the empress!
“Please sit, and enjoy your dinner for we have much to discuss”



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