Throne of Roses

First Day at the Office

The hero’s learned that the purpose of them being taken from the hell hole of a prison, was simply to help the Empress eradicate the enemies of the Empire. From now on they are “The Empire’s Hand” What they did not know was the food was drugged so that they would fall into yet another deep sleep. When They awoke, all were strapped to an operating table of sorts with a team of doctors around them, and several IVs running into their body. This was a faster way to help stimulate the body in growing back muscle so that the team of senior citizens can keep up with someone in there early 20s.
After a very pain filed 2 weeks of physical therapy, the RnD department the Empress so kindly created for her new pets gave out prototypes of the new “toys” they have been working on the last couple of years. Not long after they found themselves on a ride to Columbia, to hunt down a pack of were wolves that have been attacking small villages in the Churches provinces. There they met with Father Trece, the Liaison to the Empire in for this region.
After a days hike into the mountains, and a full moon on the rise they stopped for the night to make camp at the base of the mountain were the were wolves have been believed to be living. Due to his quick thinking the American was able to avoid being crushed by a large boulder, with a dark shadowy figure running from where it once stood, Father Trece took off in pursuit. After a short chase through the forest, they came to a clearing. Here is where they met for the first time.
4 out of 5 were killed, the only one to escape was the Alpha Alexi.



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