Throne of Roses

First Day at the Office

The hero’s learned that the purpose of them being taken from the hell hole of a prison, was simply to help the Empress eradicate the enemies of the Empire. From now on they are “The Empire’s Hand” What they did not know was the food was drugged so that they would fall into yet another deep sleep. When They awoke, all were strapped to an operating table of sorts with a team of doctors around them, and several IVs running into their body. This was a faster way to help stimulate the body in growing back muscle so that the team of senior citizens can keep up with someone in there early 20s.
After a very pain filed 2 weeks of physical therapy, the RnD department the Empress so kindly created for her new pets gave out prototypes of the new “toys” they have been working on the last couple of years. Not long after they found themselves on a ride to Columbia, to hunt down a pack of were wolves that have been attacking small villages in the Churches provinces. There they met with Father Trece, the Liaison to the Empire in for this region.
After a days hike into the mountains, and a full moon on the rise they stopped for the night to make camp at the base of the mountain were the were wolves have been believed to be living. Due to his quick thinking the American was able to avoid being crushed by a large boulder, with a dark shadowy figure running from where it once stood, Father Trece took off in pursuit. After a short chase through the forest, they came to a clearing. Here is where they met for the first time.
4 out of 5 were killed, the only one to escape was the Alpha Alexi.

Guests of Honor

You awake in lying in a a bed fit for a king. Enough room for 10 of you, on top of that you notice the sheets are made of silk along with the pillow cases. On the table next too you their is a gold bell with by the look and feel a hard wood handle, perhaps oak or maple you think. Next to the bell you see a piece of parchment simply stating “Please Ring”. You set the note down and take a look around the room. There is a great portrait of a landscape late summer early fall with the sun setting or rising, hard to tell. When you climb out of bed you remember how much you missed carpets. The area rug looks like it came from Iraq your guessing by the look of the design. You walk over to the window and pull curtains, that is when you feel the ecstasy of the warm sun on your face. It is the first time in over 30 years since you have been able to see the light of day, after taking a few moments to soak it all in you walk back over to the bed side and gently ring the bell. Six maids enter the chamber, from their sent you can tell they are vampire. “My apologies!” you exclaim as you rush to the window. The taller one replies

“No need my Lord” [Odd that she called me lord] The particles in the air allow us to walk in the sunlight as long as we stay within the city. A great many things as changed over the years sir, but im sure her Highness will explain everything in due time"

“You do realize that I am human, yes? So why do you refer to me as lord and sir?”
“As i said sir a great deal as changed over the years sir. Now we must get you dressed for your dinner tonight.”

Before you can open your mouth to protest all six maids are tending to you, starting first with a good shave. Next you find your self herded into a shower while they wait, you can hear more movement in the main room. When you emerge from the bathroom [you notice was ivory, pearl, marble, and gold] The maids are waiting promptly with a by the looks of it late 1800s maybe early 1900s entire for you. All custom tailored to fit you.

As you journey down the halls of the Castle or Mansion what ever it maybe you can help but stop and stare at the pieces of art work; paintings, statues, photographs, and so much more. You reach a great double oak door inside lies the dinning hall where you hope to finally meet your ….. savior? Sitting above the great fire place you see a large painting of a Teutonic Knight by the looks of things its several centuries old. To your right facing the table there is a portrait of the Lord Dracula in his grand outfit. Below the legendary Sword that he used to conquer his Empire. AS you look on the table your mouth eaters as the sight of fine cuisine peeks your appetite, seeing that you haven’t a true meal in great many year. At the end of the table sits The same Noble that you saw from your cell, you kneel down to one leg
“Forgive me my lady I didnt….”
“Do not worry, formalities are not needed in my house” – Her voice floats across the room to your ears
That is when it hits you like a brick wall… She is the empress!
“Please sit, and enjoy your dinner for we have much to discuss”

Light of a New Day

The smell of death and decay is heavy in the air. Thirty long years you have sat rotting away in this damned cell for a crime that which you did not commit. Falsely accused of attempting to kill the Emperor. After 6 years of serving him. . . . the very notion is insulting. After all your unit was hailed as the best, longest surviving squad out of all of the Terran based units. Then out of nowhere your in front of the damn Nobles Council being tried for treason?! You swore that you would have your revenge. . . . one day you would break out and find the one that did this to you and your friends and family. That dream died 28 years ago, then the cold blanket of reality wrapped around you. 30 years in this shit hole and yet you are amazed that some how your still alive when so many others fell around you.

You hear foot steps and quickly snap back from your day dream

A female vampire walks into the prison block you know she is a female noble from the expensive perfume. . . .its familiar from somewhere (you find your self grabbing a shiv you have worked on for the past 3 years, thinking now is your chance to take down a noble that put you hear) down the hall pausing in front of the cells, like she is searching for someone or something, but you not sure hard tell with her face hidden in the hood. All that you can see is a black void where a face and head should be. She stops and looks into the the cell across from your own. She beckons the prisoner to come closer with a light movement of her gloved hand (black silk, with a royal ring on her right hand) He calmly stands up and walks over. At the last second you seem hear him cry out like a crazed animal a knife in his hand before he can even blink you swear you saw her arm twitch. . . . after a pause he seems to have a confused look on his face before he falls backward, his neck was cut to the spine. Thats when you notice the blood drip off her hand.

She turns too you and in a charmingly commanding voice asks you to come to the cell door. You feel as like you are going against your free will; but after all she did ask so kindly? She pulls back her hood to reveal a stunning face, one that you would think would be that of an angel if it were not for the fangs. As you try so hard to remember where you have seen that face before as She says “This one will do, now go to sleep my servant” . . . . thats when the world goes black and you are dreaming of the times before the trial.


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